Welcome to TB and You


So yes, this is another TB site.  This one is by an ex tuberculosis patient for anyone interested in TB be they patients or students.

Too many sites are run by specialist doctors or charities.

I had to learn about TB firstly from experience and secondly from researching my disease on the internet.

I want to try and cover all aspects of the disease including

  • symptoms
  • medication side effects
  • treatment
  • stigma
  • recovery
  • different types of tuberculosis
  • prognosis

I also want to look at other aspects including

  • Fashion – How tuberculosis affected changes in fashion (Did you know tb helped in the demise of the victorian beard and played a part in the shortening of womens skirts?).  Also people who copied a type of tuberculosis chic to look plae and interesting.
  • Stigma – How tuberculosis sufferers in the past were thought to be vampires should should in some cases be dug up after death?

As you can see this is a work in progress.  My forum is here: http://www.tbandu.co.uk/discussion/index.php

If you are interested in tb, this is your site. Let know what you would like to see

To keep site safe I will not be allowing comments here but you can sign up at forum to contribute, ask questions or just hang out.

Hope to see you soon